Out of the Darkness

by PammyMcB

Out of the darkness
Arises a man
With eyes of a beast
He takes his stand

His mouth glistens
In the full moon light
With teeth of a tiger
He longs for a bite

He approaches a woman
Her eyes in a trance
He wraps his arms around her
They do their sacred dance

He undresses her slowly
She invites him to fill her
Their bodies begin to sweat
She can feel his power

She feels her blood warming
Her heart begins to race
She begins thinking
She will never leave this place

His wet kisses calm her
His touch eases her pain
She decides to surrender
Her life, he will gain

He sinks his teeth into her
To taste her sweet red juice
Her eyes slowly close
She has nothing left to lose

His kiss on her soft cold lips
Gives her a new life
She is forever bonded to him
As she opens her beast eyes.