The Time of the Broken Heart

by PammyMcB

Hello is anyone out there?
Can anyone hear me?
Or am I just alone?
This is a confusing world with confusing words that have confusing meanings.
We are living in a fast world during slow times.
Death erases the future for many now.
These many include children of love, parents of pain, and their stories.
The spirited youth will come forth as your friends’ children or even yours. Do you understand?
Don’t worry nobody does, not anymore.
We are being tortured for past things, love misunderstanding and our doings. Most of which, we can’t help.
It’s not your fault nor is it mine, or even theirs.
But whose is it you ask?
Who knows?
Maybe it is the ones who have come and gone before us.
Time stands still for many in this desolate world, and the pain arises and speaks to us, through us.
This is the time of the broken heart.

Original Poetry by
©Pamela N. Brown