Where Does the Money Go?

by PammyMcB

There are a lot of Christians that are very good Christians. They do as Jesus has asked of them. Similarly, there are a high percentage of very good Christians that have walked away from their churches because the corruption was to the core. Even the church leaders were corrupt.

I have never said that all Christians and all churches have lost sight of God. I never would, because I know that not to be true. There is a particular denomination that I have a problem with, and they were the ones that turned us away. They are part of the percentage that Sider spoke of when he said that most of the money goes to their own congregation, as well as the improvement of their church.

The church was less than 20 years old, but it did not have a parking garage, so millions of dollars were spent on a new parking garage when the church already had three large parking lots for the congregation. The church also spent an additional 10.5 thousand dollars on a brand new LED computerized screen. Less than five blocks away is the shanty town where the homeless families live.

I will always remember how it always has been for my family members, who are ministers. Their churches are repaired by volunteers, and materials are donated to the church. Each minister works a separate job outside of the church, and they all live in modest homes opposed to the multi-million dollar home the pastor of the above mentioned church lives in.

Where is the sense of community for these mega-churches? It really makes one wonder. I know it definitely is not with the homeless down the street.