by PammyMcB

It is sad that Christians would deceive one another. I feel that greed is one of the biggest problems facing the Christian community today. On Christmas 2005, a family member, who claims to be a devout Christian, stated the only reason I went to visit my parents is… “You wanted to show off your nice car and all of the gifts that your children have.”

My husband works for a car lot so we received a good deal on a five year old, used car, and the gifts for my children came from their secret Santa at West Texas Rehab. We did not have the money to buy presents for the children. I went to visit my parents so that I can share the joy of celebrating Jesus’ birth with them. My father had just had surgery and could not travel because he was not feeling well.

I am glad I did go to my parents that Christmas, because shortly after my father passed away. Since then, this person has stolen my father’s life insurance money from my mother leaving her unable to pay her rent and utilities, and for what? Greed!