Damien’s Ladybugs

by PammyMcB

When Damien was young, his key interest was dinosaurs. Our home was covered with dinosaurs, and almost everything that Damien owned had to do with dinosaurs. I learned to use this to our advantage, and it was through books about dinosaurs that Damien learned to read. I also used dinosaurs to help Damien learn how to add, subtract, and multiply. As you can imagine, though Damien loved dinosaurs, the rest of us were getting very tired of them.

That is why I became excited that Damien had a new interest, ladybugs. I was so glad he had become interested in something else besides dinosaurs. On a nice, warm, Spring day, I decided to get a pickle jar, clean it out, and put holes in the top. While doing so, Damien asked what I was doing. I told him I was making a surprise for him. I dried out the jar. I, then, took him by the hand and led him outside. I told him to grab a couple of hands full of grass and put them in the jar. He asked what we were doing this for. I replied him, “Now, let’s look for some ladybugs.” Damien was so excited that we started a ladybug farm for him. The two of us searched the yard for about an hour and a half and found at least a dozen. I had never seen a child so proud of what he had done.

From that point on, Damien’s world has expanded. Though his key interest revolves around animals, he is no longer fixated on just one type of animal, nor is he fixated on just animals. Damien is very interested in history and literature. He loves to read and write, and he enjoys spending Monday evenings with me at the coffee shop, where we go to write.

Damien enjoys going to the mall and spending time with his friends. He may be quirky, and he may be different, but Damien has grown so much farther than anyone has ever expected, including me.