A Rant

by PammyMcB

this place is so ugly
it is a vast wasteland
poverty stricken and barren
run by the ignorance of the elite
that is the financially elite
ignorance is bred through the social upper crust
most intelligence is found at the bottom
in the lower classes
but greed and gluttony keep the intelligent deep in the recesses of the bowels of the state
we spend our entire lives trying to climb out for a breath of air
by the time we get a chance to breathe that sweet air of intellectual and financial freedom,
we meet our end
we are aged and decrepit
we are unable to enjoy our sweet freedom

so if you live in poverty and you are WORKING hard to pull yourself out,
don’t forget to stop
to smell the roses
don’t forget to love
don’t forget to be loved
don’t forget to find love
don’t forget to enjoy life
that is what you will be remembered for
you will not be remembered for how much you had
you will be remembered for how many lives YOU touched

©Pamela N. Brown