Free Lesson In Driver’s Education

by PammyMcB

Okay, so on the way to taking the boys to school, there was a white Charger in front of me. Our light turned green, and she just sat there because she was distracted. She finally made her turn but couldn’t keep her car in her lane, so I got into the other lane. I’m telling the boys since their learning to drive, “See, that’s why you don’t drive distracted. That’s dangerous, and someone could get hurt. Just like now, she’s running that red light.” And, a truck plows into her Charger. (It was a Ram with a cattle guard.) The lady proceeds to pull her three small children from the car, and I think, “WTH, really, lady!?! You are driving that distracted with your kids in the car!?!” She proceeded to lie to both the cops and her husband saying the light was green. Hmmm…. she must live in a different world than I do. You know, the one where our red is her green. Anyway, it’s a good thing I stayed to set the record straight. Needless to say, Damien was kind of freaked that the kids were in the car, and his anxiety level was really high. Dyl realized it would be fine because, “It wasn’t a bad wreck.” I had the boys go ahead and walk to school. I made sure that Dylan remembered to watch for cars for his brother and keep him from getting run over. I left a message at the school letting the boys know that the kids were okay, so Damien won’t be worried all day.