What Are Commercials Teaching Our Children?

by PammyMcB

This is an old post, but it is so funny and not funny at the same time that I thought I would share it again. The boys were 5 and 6 when this was first posted. I know that these commercials are no longer on the air, but have you ever sat down to watch the commercials your children often see?

Below are a few commercials that have caused bad experiences in my home. Maybe you’ll recognize some of them. Some of them are from Texas based companies.

  1. Fight with a sibling, you’ll get a sucker.
  2. Play portable video games in church.
  3. Draw on Dad’s car with ketchup.
  4. Draw on the garage with ketchup.
  5. If a truck hits a possum, he’ll live.
  6. When working do a half-assed job, you’ll still get paid.
  7. Don’t look for cars when riding a skateboard from the driveway to the street, they will stop.
  8. Geckos can talk and have personalities.
  9. If shipwrecked, all you need to survive is yogurt.
  10. If you take a bite out of a peanut butter cup, and throw it in the air; it will come back to you.
  11. Pour your own cereal and milk. If you waste the box of cereal and almost a gallon of milk, Mom and Dad won’t be mad, they’ll be proud (even if there is a big mess for them to clean up).
  12. If Mom is telling you to go to bed, don’t listen. Just sit there eating cookies; she won’t really be mad (she really is kidding).

Below are the problems these commercials have caused in my home.

  1. Damien and Dylan were fighting over a toy. I got on to them and Damien said, “Time for a chocolate attack; can we have a sucker?”
  2. The boys want to go to church so they can have a portable video game.
  3. Below:
  4. After seeing these two commercials, the boys got the ketchup out of the fridge and drew all over the table with it. They said it was art!
  5. Dylan told me, “It wouldn’t hurt bad if he got hit by a car, because the possum just got knocked crazy.”
  6. The boys think because the boy got paid for just mowing only one little strip in the yard, that they only have to pick up a couple of their toys to get part of their allowance.
  7. Damien says, “If I go into the street and a car is coming, they will always stop.” The worst part of this one (besides him trying out this theory) is a Texas based children’s insurance company put it out. No, he didn’t get hit. Thankfully, the car did stop for him.
  8. Damien set Zac’s Gecko loose in the house. He said the Gecko couldn’t take a shower and answer the phone if he was locked in a cage.
  9. Damien loves yogurt and thinks that it would be “cool” to be shipwrecked because the yogurt animals would bring him yogurt.
  10. Dylan tried this one. No, the peanut butter cup did not come back. It just hit the ground. He then picked it up and tried to eat it. Luckily, I stopped him.
  11. They both have tried this one. You would not believe how hard it is to clean up wet cereal off of a linoleum floor.
  12. When I tell the boys to go to bed, they ask me if I am just kidding like the boy’s mom on TV.

Most of these are shown while children’s programming is on. Our children are very impressionable. Their minds are sponges that absorb and repeat everything they see and hear. This is even ore of an issue when you are a parent of a child with autism. Damien did not understand the humor in the commercials, and he took all of them literally. Because of Dylan’s age at the time, he took them literally as well. Are we to monitor our commercials as well as television programs?