Gone Home

by PammyMcB

Your mother called you home
She wanted to hold you tight
She wanted you in her arms
And to sleep there through the night

Your mother wanted to look again
She wanted to gaze upon your face
She wanted you to feel once more
Her warm and loving embrace

You closed your eyes and went to her
For that my heart’s eternally torn
You entered those golden gates
You will hurt no more

I called you at your home today
I wanted to hear your voice
I know that I must let you go
I know I have no choice

I could wish for one more week
To look into your warm eyes
I could wish for one more day
Can you hear my forlorn cries?

I could ask for one more hour
To walk with you hand in hand
But I know you are with me
And beside me you’ll always stand

Your mother called for you to stay
And now you are by her side
Where you’ll wait ‘til my day comes
And then you will be my guide

©Pamela N. Brown