Personal Mission Statement

by PammyMcB

I will be as kind to others as I wish them to be to me. I will even be kind to those who are not kind to me. I will be merciful and forgiving. I will show compassion for all around me. This compassion will spread from me to my children. Compassion will be my legacy to them and future generations.

I will make sure those around me have a fulfilling life. I will give those around me a chance at a future that I was never given. I will not dwell on my sordid past. Instead, I will use it as a teaching tool. The problems I have had in the past are not a curse, but are a blessing. They are what have made me into who I am today.

I will let those I love know that I love them. I will love those around me the way I wish them to love me even if they don’t. They will never have to guess how I feel for them.

I will work to keep peace with God. I will not suppress my spirituality or the spirituality of those around me. I will find peace with myself.

I will always fight for freedom of expression, freedom of the mind, and freedom of the ties that bind one’s mind. I understand without these freedoms, people lose their individuality and their identity. I will stress to children how important it is to be an individual. I will always be considered eccentric, because I love my individuality. I will make everyone I know feel special in their own little way. I will do this, because we are all special in our own little ways.

I will always be passionate about what is important to me.

I will always try new and amazing adventures.