by PammyMcB

“The child seems to exist in his or her own world, a place characterized by repetitive routines, odd and peculiar behaviors, problems in communication, and a total lack of social awareness or interest in others.

Autism is often discovered when parents become concerned that their child may be deaf, is not yet talking, resists cuddling, and avoids interaction with others.

A preschool age child with autism is generally aloof, and fails to respond to other people. Many of these children will not even make eye contact. They may engage in an obsessive need to maintain order.

Some children are very bright and do well in school, although they have problems with school adjustment. Occasionally, a child with autism may display an extraordinary talent in a specific area.”*

The information above pertains to Damien only. Click here to find out more about Autism.

*Damien’s specific areas of talent are dinosaurs and computers. He also loves puzzles and is a puzzle genius!

I have only included information that pertains to Damien.