2 Corinthians Outline

by PammyMcB

I.Apologetic: Paul’s Explanation of His Conduct and Apostolic Ministry (ch. 1-7)

A. Greetings (1:1-2)
B. Thanksgiving for divinte comfort in affliction (1:3-11)
C. The integrity of paul’s motives and conduct (1:12-2:4)
D. Forgiving the offending party at Corinth (2:5-11)
E. God’s direction in ministry (2:12-17)
F. The Corinthian believers – a letter from crhrist (3:1-11)
G. Seeing the clory of god with unveiled faces (3:12-4:6)
H. Treasure in clay jars (4:7-16)
I. The prospect of death and what it means for the Christian (4:16-5:10)
J. The ministry of reconciliation (5:11-6:10)
K. A spiritual father’s appeal to his children (6:11-7:4)
L. The Meeting with Titus (7:5-16)

II. Hortatory: the collection for the Christians at Jerusalem (ch. 8-9)

A. Generosity encouraged (8:1-15)
B. Titus and his companions sent to Corinth (8:16-9:5)
C. Results of generous giving (9:6-15)