To My Angel

by PammyMcB

I hoped and prayed for a child
Through disappointment, nothing happened
No matter how hard I tried
I wanted someone to teach, to love, and to hold
To share my insights with
And to smile upon, even, as I grow old
I wanted to have someone to care for
To teach to be independent
To have a life of their own
The greatest day of my life
Was when you were born

I will give you my love and support
No matter what you do
When I look into your eyes
My heart is all a glow
I want you to take this with you
No matter where you will go
You are my angel, my baby, and my love

My heart is always with you
My pride will grow in you
I will never leave you
My spirit will always guide you
You are my angel now, tomorrow, and forever
I love you Sunshine!

©Pamela N. Brown