Let All the Children Come

by PammyMcB

Including Children with Disabilities in The Faith Community
Dr. Dana Hood and Dr. MaLesa Breeding

Parents of children with learning disabilities are often told that they have to leave, or they feel that they cannot go to church. Many siblings of children with learning disabilities do not have a relationship with God because their families get turned away. In some churches, the attitude of the Sunday school teachers are that children with disabilities cannot keep up with other children, should be in a classroom where they can do the activities instead of keeping them with their peers, it would not be fare when special things are done for children with disabilities. However, other children often do understand. This is why King David’s Kids was created. The families are able to get together with other families that understand what they are going through and participate in worship. The parents of children with learning disabilities try to find meaning. They believe that their children are capable of experiencing God in real ways, their children are capable of going up to be ministers, their children should never be treated so different and should be included, and typically developing children benefit with contact with children with disabilities.

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