Ode to Jason & Freddy

by PammyMcB

(sung to the tune of Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh by Allan Sherman & Lou Busch)

Hello mother, hello father.
Greetings from the camp by the water.
Freddy’s creeping in my dreams.
I cannot sleep from all the screams.

Jason snuck in to my cabin.
He took my friend’s head then.
So I ran for my life.
To the kitchen I took a knife.

And I hid under a bed.
I stabbed Jason, thought he was dead.
So I ran down by the lake.
What I saw there made me shake.

Crystal Lake was full of blood.
Body parts were strung in the mud.
Jason snuck up right beside me.
Freddy jumped from behind a tree.

They fought with each other.
“Please come save me, my dear mother.”
That is all I can remember.
Doctors tell me it is now December.

Now I sit here in my room.
The pads are protection from doom.
The cup is now very full.
The nurses use it for my drool.

©Pamela N. Brown