Sensory Processing

by PammyMcB

People with autism have difficulties involving the executive functions of the brains. This part of the brain is like an office system, with file cabinet. However, because of their difficulties, the file cabinets are disorganized and disorde…red. Therefore, the senses are rerouted to the wrong areas of the brain. Therefore, the child with autism generally has sensory processing difficulties. For instance, with my son, he says that small pin pricks are worse than having his fingers crushed in a steel door. Also, he says if anyone touches him lightly, it makes him feel like snakes are crawling all over him. Therefore, we have had to make the school explicitly aware that the teachers are not to touch him. It is even in his IEP. I have also had the opportunity to hear Temple Grandin speak on three different occasions. She also says that sounds and light touches can be construed as painful to a person with autism. Most likely, your child is telling you the truth. You should look into occupational therapy to access sensory desensitization. One thing you need to remember never doubt a child with autism. More often than not they are incapable of lying because that would mean they are breaking a rule. Listen to what your child is telling you.