A Special Place

by PammyMcB

When I would become exhausted and felt like I could not go any further, I would gather up the kids and show up on my grandmother’s doorstep. I loved being there. She lived out in the country. Though she did have electricity, Grandma rarely uses it. She did not have cable and only watched the television for the news, “Wheel of Fortune, ” or old black and white TV shows and movies via DVD. Grandma lived out in the country, and this was where I go to reconnect with God and all of the beauty he has given us. I felt centered there and longed for the peaceful lifestyle that she led. It was just Grandma, my uncle, the boys, and me (maybe a stray cow or two); and God was always present. When I went to her house, I felt much closer to God. I felt refreshed and ready for another day.