The Greatest Gift

by PammyMcB

The Greatest Gift
In a pool of blood
I rose up from the floor
I grabbed your picture
And realized I wanted more
To make you proud
Has been my greatest wish
And you’ll never know
It’s in your shadow I truly miss.
To be your friend was
The greatest gift of all
You’d always catch me
When I’d stumble and fall.

From the cradle we grew
To be the closest friends
And when I moved from you
I felt my heart’d never mend
Without you there I sat, alone
For you alone I often cried
My tears built a river
Where my soul had first died
My innocence stripped
And purity washed away
Without you there to hold
My heart began to stray.

No longer happy
A flower once, now wilted
And for my sins
My soul blackened, hilted
But once again you came
To walk along side me
And your warmth molded
Who I would come to be
And your conviction
Helped my weary heart mend
And you will forever
Be my truest and dearest friend.

©Pamela N. Brown