Science Camp

by PammyMcB

When Damien was in the fifth grade, he attended Science Camp away from home for an entire week. It was a major trial for us. I was afraid for many different reasons. One was that he was being picked on terribly when he was in the fifth grade, so I was afraid something bad would happen. Also, at the time, Damien had to have consistent supervision. Because the people that were supervising the children were students from Texas Tech University, I was afraid that they would not supervise Damien properly. However, all of my fears were unfounded, as Damien had a wonderful time.

They did not have to call us to pick him up so that is good. Dylan had never been away from his brother more than a night and he was getting pretty lonely. I don’t think that Damien had enough time to miss us. They said that they were going to keep him pretty busy.

Damien got home from camp, and he is so excited about being home. He filled my mind full of stories of the good time that he had. He said that some of the kids in his class that weren’t his friends are his became friends. They had a cook off, and he said that his marshmallows caught on fire. He said that he fell in the river and got wet. They studied owl regurgitation. He found bones in the owl vomit. He found creatures in the river water. He said they scared him. He said they went fishing for macro-invertebrates. He caught some fish, but he had to let them go. He said that one of the teachers told them a ghost story, and he could not sleep. He studied the dirt and the pH of the water samples….and he went on…..and on….and on…. Overall, it sounded to me like he had a great time!