Theological Reflection

by PammyMcB

A Definition:

The attempt of a community of faith to discern how God wants them to live out the story of Jesus in the world.

Community: Not the work of an isolated individual

Live out: A way of life
Praxis (action) instead of abstract theory and speculation
What we really believe is made clear by our actions

Story of Jesus:
A model or standard: WWJD.
A “center” to help us prioritize.  Some things are closer to the center than others.
When we become part of the story of Jesus, he lives in and through us.

World: Not just the church
A specific context

Attempt: Not absolute and infallible.

Discern: Involves our intellect and reason

Prayer and the Holy Spirit
Specific teachings from scripture
Central principles identified in scripture
Consensus of the believing community
Wisdom of the world: Reason
Involvement in fellowship, service and witness