by PammyMcB

Have you ever walked around alone, hoping you’ll find something, but you don’t know what or who? Then you hear your name whispered, softly, you look back, and there’s nothing. So you go on, only to find yourself doing it again, and again. So you start to look. You keep looking, and looking. You keep hoping, and hoping. You feel helpless, but strong, and tired but awake. You still keep walking. Frightened, but excited. Then you turn finding yourself in de ja vou, but the place is unknown. You start to feel you’re going crazy, but you know you are sane. You are not alone. Many have fallen from the feeling, but people learn to understand because they never find the answer. Wait around, it’ll come. Then, and only then, you will find the only answer. You are lost in love.

~ ©Pamela N. Brown