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Dog’s Nose Print

Did you know that a dog’s nose print is just as unique as our finger prints?



A   BIG FEROCIOUS BEAST   jumped on my back!




God’s Promise

My child when thy art with me
Upon the other shore
Within the gates of heaven
Forever and ever more

There’ll be no more sorrow
Your tears he’ll wipe away
With joy we’ll sing forever
On golden streets we’ll play

Mary Francis Kierepka

My Sunbeam

I caught a sunbeam in my hand
It glowed and glowed like golden sand
I lay upon the sand all day
My sunbeam washed my cares away
If I could stay ‘til shadows fall
Just lying there forgetting all
To be at peace with God and man
And all that goes throughout the land.

Mary Francis Kierepka


Lost in the middle of a crowd
Who knows that I’m around?
I wonder here and yonder,
Around this lonesome town
My home and friends are far away
I wish that I were there
To hold them in my arms once more
And tell them that I care

Mary Francis Kierepka

God’s Love

God is on his throne in Heaven,
And we hear the angels sing
He is at our side forever
Here on Earth that he might bring
Us to his golden home up yonder
Heaven’s just a step away.

Mary Francis Kierepka