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I want to surrender in sleep
to have sounds around me fade into nothing
to float into oblivion
to have the world drop from beneath my body

The witching hour has closed upon me
enveloping my senses
choking breath from my lungs
crushing my soul
floating me within the bubble of my skin

I wish to lie in, lucidly
to have my spirit shrouded in affection
to slumber in obscurity
to have this realm slip from tonight’s existence

My unconsciousness has evaded me
obscuring my perception
sucking life from my soul
slitting sinew
slipping from all other earthly existence

Texas Made

Billy The Kid Museum: Fort Sumner, New Mexico

Billy the Kid Museum was full of much more than Billy the Kid memorabilia.

Billy The Kid: He died as he had lived.

El Chivito – Billy the Kid (The Goat)
Billy the Kid’s Rifle
Joe Grant, not knowing he was talking to Billy the Kid in a bar, told The Kid he was going to kill Billy the Kid. Billy asked to see the gun that was going to kill Billy the Kid. He ‘fixed’ Grant’s gun and shot Grant. In “Young Guns,” Bonney unloaded the gun and gave it back to Grant before shooting him.
Jesus Silva was a good friend of William H Bonney, who confirmed the death of Billy post mortem.
Gravesite of Billy the Kid an his friends, Tom O’Folliard & Charlie Bowdre.
William H Bonney aka Billy the Kid

Leaving Roswell

Roswell Cowboys! Coyotes beware!
Now I understand cattle mutilation. It’s for the jerky!
@ our hotel
Hmmm…. Why only humans? The Aliens totally are not scared of The Vid!

Roswell, New Mexico

John Simpson Chisum

Roswell, New Mexico